Hi, I'm Aman Mittal 👋

Fullstack Node.js Developer 👨‍💻


What Am I Upto?

  • Working Remotely 🌏
  • Building things with Nodejs and React Native
  • Contributor to Open Source Organizations such as freeCodeCamp, Node.js, and Gatsbyjs
  • Creating tutorials for others to learn without much hassle

Current dev stack

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Expressjs
  • React
  • Gatsbyjs
  • MongoDB / MySQL
  • Firebase

Technogolies / Tools I've used

  • Angularjs / Angular, Meteorjs, Firebase, Redux, Ionic, Bootstrap, Sass, Less, Mocha, npm, Bower, Gulp, Grunt, Yeoman, Jade/Pug, Handlebars, EJS, Mocha, styled-components.

Projects I've Worked on 👨‍💻

  • Task Management App

    Type: Remote for Danco Solutions/

    Node.js Developer role for building a RESTful API of a Task management using Node.js/Express, MySQL and used React.js on Front-End.

    Node.js, Expressjs, MySQL, Reactjs

    #100DaysOfCode Twitter Bot

    Type: Open Source

    Built using Node.js and is actively maintained. Encouraging Developers and code newbies who code and participate in #100DaysOfCode as they share and support each other through Twitter. Part of freeCodeCamp Organisation. Used by more than 19k+ developers.

    Node.js, Twitter API

    User Management App

    Type: Remote for JBL Technologies

    Node.js Developer for creating a RESTful API for a Geo-Location based Task and User Management iOS application.

    Node.js, Expressjs, MySQL

    Admin Panel

    Type: Remote for Huska Private Netwworks

    Fullstack Stack Developer Role for building an Admin Panel that includes a RESTful API using Node.js/Expressjs with MySQL as Database service and UI client in Angular.

    Node.js, Expressjs, Angularjs/Angular, MySQL

    Type: Freelance for Shir Jai Ambey Inc.

    Front End Developer for creating and managing website including layout selection, contact form, site organization & server deployment.

    Node.js, Expressjs, Angularjs, Bootstrap

    Gatsby Starter CeeVee

    Type: Open Source

    Gatsby Starter Kit/Theme, single-page, based on the Ceevee site template, design by Styleshout. Responsive Design.

    Reactjs, Gatsbyjs

    Gatsby Starter Product Guy

    Type: Open Source

    Gatsby Starter Kit/Theme, single-page, for Makers and Product Hunters. Using Typography.js easy to switch fonts. Responsive Design.

    Reactjs, Gatsbyjs, GraphQL

    Gatsby Starter Timeline Theme

    Type: Open Source

    Gatsby Starter Kit/Theme, single-page with timeline view. Using flexbox and responsive Design.

    Reactjs, Gatsbyjs

  • Open Source Contributions

    Side Projects

  • Minimalist Weather App

    Type: Open Source

    Simple Minimalist Weather App in React Native

    React Native

    Emoji timer - PWA app

    Type: Open Source

    A Pomodoro Timer using Reactjs that is a Progressive Web Apps.


    Portfolio v3

    Type: Open Source

    Responsive Portfolio Wesbite Desgined using Gatsbyjs, Reactjs and 💅 styled-components. Currently, using it as a personal website.

    Reactjs, Gatsbyjs, styled-components

    Portfolio v2

    Type: Open Source

    Responsive Portfolio Wesbite Desgined using Materialize CSS. Previously used it as a personal website.

    HTML, Materialize CSS


    Type: Open Source

    A Directory listing Vulcanjs related resources. Helpful if you are getting started.



    Type: Open Source

    A Directory listing Twitter Bots built using Node.js.



    Type: Open Source

    Fullstack Application. A URL Shortner Service.

    Meteorjs, Reactjs, MongoDB, Bootstrap, Heroku

    MEAN Stack News Twitter Bot

    Type: Open Source

    Twitter Bot built using Node.js and actively maintained. This twitter bot shares everything related to MEAN Stack and Ionic Framework on the basis of pre-defined hashtags and user handlers.

    Node.js, Twitter API

    React Youtube Search

    Type: Open Source

    Youtube API search with React. Used Github-Pages to deploy.

    Reactjs, YouTube API

  • Latest Blog Posts 📋

    Writer at freeCodeCamp, Hackernoon,, ZeoLearn/blog, Art + Marketing,, ITNext, The Startup,, (Exposition) and Eduonix.

    For Full Archive, go here!

    Libraries / Packages I have Written

    • eslint-config-amanhimself Shared ESLint configs React Native, and Expo projects. Using .

    • codestats-cli A command utility to view your programming stats from Code::Stats via npm. Using JavaScript, Node.js.

    • robotize Generates a robots.txt. Using JavaScript, Node.js.

    • stoic-api Get random Stoic Quotes, used in tweetback-bot. Using JavaScript, Node.js.

    • Jade Pug/Jade snippet for Atom. Using CoffeeScript.

    • Atom-Nodejs Nodejs/JavaScript/ES6 snippets for Atom. Using CoffeeScript.

    • Expressjs Collection of Expressjs snippets for Atom. Using CoffeeScript.

    • Meteor-Spacebars Meteor Spacebar Snippets Using CoffeeScript.

    • trimify To remove lead and trail whitespace(s) from a JavaScript String (without using RegExp). Using JavaScript.

    • pug Provides Pug/Jade Snippets for VSCode to avoid writing boilerplate code. Using JSON.

    • expressjs A collection of snippets for Express.js for VSCode. Using JSON.

    • console-snippets All JavaScript console snippets to save your time. Using JSON.

    • pretty-bytes For METEOR: Convert bytes into Human readable form Using JavaScript Using JavaScript.


    • I have intereviewed cool authors such as Andy Weir (The Martian), Laura van den Berg, Christopher Brookmyre on my book blog. 👽
    • I have more than 7k+ monthly subscribers on my Book Blog. 🤓